BleachBit 1.6 not deleting Google Chrome history


I love this software. I'm using the Debian version of 1.6. BleachBit 1.6 is not deleting the Google Chrome history. I wanted to try version 1.7 but I didn't see a beta version for the .deb version. I'm patient. Keep up the good work!

Google Chrome cleaning has not changed since BleachBit 1.6, so you are basically up to date.

I justed tested it with Google Chrome 40, and then I looked at the history (CTRL+H), and it was empty.

Are you looking in this history (CTRL+H)? Which version of Google Chrome do you have? Were there any errors while cleaning Chrome?

Andrew, lead developer

Im not at that specific computer but i believe Google Chrome 40. After running Bleachbit and running Google Chrome, there is still a history of webpages that i went to. Google shows the thimbnail windows or small browsing windows of websites that i previously went to. When doing a ctrl shift del i dont see these thumbnail windows or small browsing windows of websites that i previously visited anymore.

Ill keep playing around with chrome or post on Google's support forum. Thanks for responding.

I'm back. I tried Google Chrome again and the history is not being deleted.
Here are my steps.
I close Google Chrome and Firefox.
I run bleachbit as a non-admin
I get these messages below in bleachbit.
I run bleachbit.
I close bleachbit once it's done.
I open firefox and google chrome.
I do a ctrl H in firefox and the history is gone.
I do a ctrl H in google chrome and the history is still there.
The firefox history is gone but not google chrome's.

Messages when running bleachbit
Delete the usage history 0 /home/username/.mozilla/firefox/p2objc45.default-1417693768037/places.sqlite
Vacuum 0 /home/username/.mozilla/firefox/p2objc45.default-1417693768037/places.sqlite
Vacuum 0 /home/username/.mozilla/firefox/p2objc45.default-1417693768037/permissions.sqlite
Vacuum 0 /home/username/.mozilla/firefox/p2objc45.default-1417693768037/healthreport.sqlite
Clean file 0 /home/username/.config/vlc/vlc-qt-interface.conf
Clean file 0 /home/username/.config/vlc/vlc-qt-interface.conf
Clean file 0 /home/username/.config/vlc/vlc-qt-interface.conf
Vacuum 0 /home/username/.thunderbird/x85yntwm.default/content-prefs.sqlite
Vacuum 0 /home/username/.thunderbird/x85yntwm.default/places.sqlite
Vacuum 0 /home/username/.thunderbird/x85yntwm.default/webappsstore.sqlite
Vacuum 0 /home/username/.thunderbird/x85yntwm.default/formhistory.sqlite
Vacuum 0 /home/username/.thunderbird/x85yntwm.default/global-messages-db.sqlite
Vacuum 0 /home/username/.thunderbird/x85yntwm.default/permissions.sqlite
Vacuum 0 /home/username/.thunderbird/x85yntwm.default/signons.sqlite
Vacuum 0 /home/username/.thunderbird/x85yntwm.default/blist.sqlite
Vacuum 0 /home/username/.thunderbird/x85yntwm.default/downloads.sqlite
Delete 270.3kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/data_3
Delete 36.9kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/f_000001
Delete 24.6kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/data_1
Delete 57.3kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/f_000007
Delete 45.1kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/f_000004
Delete 57.3kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/f_000008
Delete 49.2kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/f_000006
Delete 20.5kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/data_2
Delete 131.1kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/f_000003
Delete 32.8kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/f_000009
Delete 106.5kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/index
Delete 61.4kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/f_000005
Delete 12.3kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache/data_0
Delete 4.1kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2/Cache
Delete 4.1kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome/Profile 2
Delete 4.1kB /home/username/.cache/google-chrome
Clipboard 0
Delete 98.3kB /tmp/nsemail.eml
Delete 98.3kB /tmp/nscopy.tmp
Clean file 0 /home/username/.config/google-chrome/Local State
Clean file 0 /home/username/.config/google-chrome/Local State
Delete 4.1kB /home/username/.config/google-chrome/chrome_shutdown_ms.txt
Clean 0 /home/username/.config/libreoffice/3/user/registrymodifications.xcu
Clean 0 /home/username/.config/libreoffice/4/user/registrymodifications.xcu
Delete 151.6kB /home/username/.config/google-chrome/Profile 2/Bookmarks.bak
Delete 4.1kB /home/username/.config/google-chrome/Profile 2/IndexedDB/

Disk space recovered: 1.3MB
Files deleted: 21
Special operations: 21
Errors: 922

I can manually delete /home/.cache/google-chrome but the history still exists after doing that.
Bleachbit seems to be deleting the same .cache/google-chrome folder.
I'm using Bleachbit 1.6, google chrome 40.0.2214.115 and Debian 7.
When doing a ctrl H I see the previous websites and weblinks that I went to recently.

Just for giggles I tried the Bleachbit that comes with Debian 7.
I tried Bleachbit 0.9.2 but it does not delete the google chrome history either.

Ok. I delete a google-chrome folder. The folder was recreated and everything is working now as it should.


I removed duplicate posts.

Also, I had a similar issue with Firefox a few months ago when you delete history with BleachBit or CCleaner or some other cleaner, it will still show in the history tab in the browser. This was a Firefox issue that was later fixed. I am not sure if this applies to you, but it could be an issue on Chrome's side.

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OK, I hear that everything is working now, so I will consider this closed.

For future reference, maybe the problem was that Google Chrome was storing the files in a non-standard location, so one way to find them is this

1. In Google Chrome visit a web site, say
2. Close Google Chrome
3. Run this grep command to identify the file
grep -Rli slashdot ~/.config/google-chrome

(Notice in the search there is no ".org".)

Andrew, lead developer