BleachBit 1.12_no log file


In Vista, Bleachbit 1.12 portable didn't extract a bleachbit.exe.log file to the program files folder. It doesn't exist in the downloaded archive.

It didn't create the file after running BB the 1st 2x - there were errors.

For now, will creating the file name in the program folder work for logging?


Some of the recent changes included a shift in logging more messages to the graphical window (like where you see files deleted) and fewer messages to that pesky log file, so it is normal and good not to have a bleachbit.exe.log file.

If you want to enable verbose debug logging for some reason, use a command like this (taken from the BleachBit 1.8 release notes):
"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\BleachBit\Bleachbit.exe" --gui --debug-log=%USERPROFILE%\desktop\bleachbit.log

Does this help?

Andrew, lead developer

Yes, it helps.
I assume you'd have to run it from command line any time you want to log?

Was there a specific reason not to at least leave a preference setting to turn logging on or off?
Otherwise, when a number of unexpected errors pop up, you have to copy them to a file. The errors are spread throughout the run results, not in one section.

Unless we add a menu option to "save errors to log" after it's finished deleting.