Bleachbit 0.9.3 Source Code unavailable on Sourceforge

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Good day,

This post is a report,(and question) to say that the following 3 Linux source downloads aren't available via the download links

bleachbit-0.9.3.tar.bz2 (best choice for most people wanting source code)

Sourceforge gives the following message:

The "/bleachbit/0.9.3/ble..achbit-0.9.3.tar.bz2" file could not be found or is not available. Please select another file.

Is there an alternative site or link that can be used?

Thanking you.

This is a recent bug in SourceForge. I uploaded the files ten days ago, but they are not publishing, so I filed a support ticket. Meanwhile I uploaded the files to an alternate site and will update the links on the regular source page.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks very much Andrew, very kind of you.