Back-up or Undo


Many users on the web or in Forum`s have expressed a vital need for cleaner programs to provide a back-up or Undo facility.

I would think this need is fundamental and essential to the safe computer cleaning of residual and redundant files and other data. the existing "gone forever" concept is only suitable for computer savvy users whereas ordinary users would be very silly to simply delete all the data your program lists.

My own preference would be to place ALL deleted files etc. in the Recycle Bin under a numbered or dated icon for each delete action. I keep a regular watch on my Recycle Bin.

Then we can delete with confidence and wait days or weeks to see if any problems arise, then use the normal Recycle Bin Restore facility to rectify any problems or delete the packages completely if all is well.


PS - You would certainly score over CCleaner which only places Registry deletions in the Recycle Bin for Restore, all other deletions just like your current BB program are gone forever.

This is an interesting idea, but it can be tricky to implement properly for all situations. A few examples:

1. If the browser cache is deleted, new cache is created the next time the browser starts, so the original file cannot be restored without deleting the new cache. Even if that were done, it could put the browser in an inconsistent state (if not all the browser files matched).

2. On Linux, there can be permissions issues where the user may not be able to clear his own recycle bin.

3. Vacuuming is not deleting, so would a copy be made to put into the recycle bin, or would undo be unsupported? (Probably the latter)

4. A novice user could have trouble troubleshooting the problem that requires a restore, and then he would have trouble identifying the necessary files.

For now, the problem is somewhat mitigated by

1. Each option is labeled and has a description

2. There are a few ways to run a preview

3. The most dangerous options have extra warnings

4. BleachBit avoids dangerous things... for example, deleting cookies can be inconvenient to re-login to some web sites, but BleachBit doesn't have options that would delete, say, your spreadsheets or accounting database.

Andrew, lead developer