Are whitelisted paths still scanned?


I started using the whitelist feature and I see things like this in the output:
Skip 0 /home/user/folder/file

I have /home/user/folder/ in the whitelist. Does BleachBit sill go through and scan this folder? If so, how do I make it so this folder isn't searched through at all. I ask because I'm hoping that would speed things up on a mechanical hard drive.

I'm using the following:
Xubuntu 12.04.3
BleachBit 1.0

Thank you.

In BleachBit version 1.0 it looks like it does scan white listed paths. Would you like to fill out a bug ticket as a here ?

Is there a particular cleaner that is slow because of this?

Andrew, lead developer

They are the deep scan cleaners. There seems to already be a bug report about it:

Like the report, I also have network shares I'm whitelisting in addition to other very large folders. I didn't test each scan individually but with my current preset, the scan and cleaning take at least 2 minutes.


OK. I am offering a (financial) bounty for someone to code this, and soon I will post it as a job to a freelancing web site.

Out of curiosity, how are the network folders included in a scan? Often network folders are referenced by UNC paths or mounted as a drive letter, but either way they are usually not part of the user profile directory structure that BleachBit normally scans.

Andrew, lead developer

Unfortunately, I'm not qualified to make these changes. Otherwise, I would have written my own app :).

At least for Ubuntu and maybe other distros that make use of GVfs to mount networks shares in Thunar, Nautilus and I assume others, shares are mounted in the ~/.gvfs folder which is scanned by BleachBit.