Apps not using tmp folder anymore

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I noticed that after BleachBit was introduced in my system (Ubuntu), my installed applications simply stopped to use the "tmp" directory. Before BleachBit I used to play flash video files, all browsers, and see the temporary file being stored at "tmp" folder, now it does not happens. And, of course, all the other applications that used to create temporary files in the temp folder are simply not doing that anymore.
Is that common after using BleachBit? How can I restore the 'normal' behavior my Ubuntu had before BleachBit? I wanted that my installed applications were still using the the same temporary directory.

thanks for reading.

What "other applications? Which browsers? By "tmp", do you mean /tmp/? As far as I know, web browsers and the Adobe Flash rarely or never store anything in /tmp/. Instead, each browser and Adobe Flash typically uses its own directory. BleachBit doesn't change the behaviour of applications: it typically just deletes files.

Andrew, lead developer