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So I was thinking, there are a lot of people that use BleachBit and I bet a lot are not computer smart and may not know that exactly they are doing. So I was thinking, after a user installs BleachBit, a notification should saying something like:

"If you are new to BleachBit, you should take the time to better understand what BleachBit does. You should not just check every entry listed. The best method is to check 1 box at a time and make a back up before cleaning. This way you do not make any mistakes. Also, take the time to realize there is a way to overwrite files, which should be used with care. Only use the overwrite option if you really know what you are doing."

I think this is a good idea for people who are new that maybe using BleachBit and do not quite understand privacy sweepers. Of course, you can make the message whatever. This was just an example.

That is interesting. For a while I have thought of a wizard that asks a few questions and then make suggestions. For example, someone with a low risk tolerance and low privacy concerns who wants to free disk space could start by clearing disk cache.

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That's not a bad idea, either. My suggestion was for people who were more new to privacy cleaners. Maybe we can combine ideas?

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