Administrator/Normal Use :Combine?


Have been using Bleachbit for a long time on Ubuntu (currently 9.04). Yes I like it.
Just a question/suggestion: why the two ways of running? Yes, I know some apps need root/sudo permission, but why not just simply run the whole thing on root/sudo and do away with having to run it twice for a full clean. Then the whole thing is password protected and (not likely I know) someone coming along and running the "normal" method without user knowing. I personally think that anything that will change/delete stuff on my computer should be password protected.

This is a good suggestion.

A few months ago I looked into this problem, and this is what I remember (though my memory is a little fuzzy). Ubuntu has a funny way of doing sudo through gksu, which BleachBit uses. Unlike Fedora's equivalent of gksu (Fedora uses consolehelper), the Ubuntu system is more like 'switch to root' than 'assume root privileges." In other words, what you want already works on Fedora (and some other Linux distributions). You can try on the Ubuntu terminal (gnome-terminal or konsole or whatever) to run this command
sudo bleachbit
and see if that helps. I don't remember that this command does help, but I think it does.

In some future version, BleachBit will take care of this for you, but the way I have it planned is a major change (implementing PolicyKit and DBUS), so it will take a little while.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks for reply. I thought there must be a reason for the double use - the Ubuntu way of doing things. It doesn't really worry me - it's not like I'm throwing rocks at the computer because I have to press an extra button!
Thanks for nice app.