Addition to Context Menu for emptying Trash in Linux Release



I am brand new to Linux, Ubuntu, Unity, AND BleachBit, so please be patient with me and forgive me if I ask a seemingly basic question.

Since BleachBit is seemingly the ONLY GUI based secure file deletion application available in Linux, I installed your most recent stable release on Ubuntu 16.04. I really like it so far, but there are two things I would really like to see added/changed in the next release.

The first thing that I would like to see changed is the need to enter the root password every time BleachBit is run. I understand that it was a conscious decision to disable creation of a root account in Ubuntu, but surely some method exists to have the password saved within BleachBit so that it can run as currently configured without re-entering the password first. Now, I also can see that this is a security risk if it would allow anyone else using the computer to modify BleachBit's settings, potentially deleting files that ought not to be deleted. So I would suggest that re-entering the root password to effect changes to BleachBit's configuration be implemented.

The feature I would like to see added is the addition of a shred and overwrite option added to the trashcan's context menu, so that users will have the option to securely delete all files contained in their system's trash can without actually launching BleachBit, à la the application Eraser for the Windows environment.


Interesting suggestions.

Can you please file these over at BleachBit launchpad here:

This will let Andrew set a priority and helps him remember it for the future.

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