Add menu/function to export+import current settings into backup file


I would liek to have a function/menu which let me save/export all the current settings into a textfile.
If my system crashes or if I want to copy the settings to another Bleachbit installation on another computer
I would like to be able to import these backuped preferences later.

Could you add this function?


You're the first to ask, so based on demand so far, this probably won't be added. One reason may be that BleachBit settings are relatively simple and quick to reconstruct for most people.

However, there is an easy way to do this yourself. BleachBit stores all its settings in a single text file that can be copied between computers. The file is called BleachBit.ini To find the location (which varies by operating system), open BleachBit, click Help - System Information, and look for options_dir.

Andrew, lead developer