About sudo, privilages...


First thank you for this application! I think it is the best cleaner ever :)

I use Linux distros since 3-4 years... But i could not understand exactly about privilages and what is going on with Bleachbit yet.

My questions:

If i open bleachbit from command line by typing: "bleachbit" command, it opens for the user which runs at that time. For example "jack". If the select everythink from the list to clean, bleachbit will clean just /home/jack files. Is that true ?

If i open bleachbit by typing: "sudo bleachbit" or "gksudo bleachbit" what (which directories) will clean bleachbit? It will clean /root as I know. It will clean /home/jack too ? So is it enough to open bleachbit as sudo (or gksudo) ?

Thank you!

You're welcome

If you open without sudo and without gksudo, yes, it will clean the normal user like /home/jack. You can verify this by looking at the path names logged in the preview.

If you use sudo or gksudo, it may clean either jack or root, but not both. As I remember, the choice depends in how the Linux distribution implements sudo/gksudo. If my memory is still right, this may even vary from release to release of the same distribution. The best way to tell is by looking at the preview log.

If the preview log doesn't make sense, do this. Preview just one user-specific thing like Firefox, and look at the beginning of the paths. If there is nothing, it may belong to root because you shouldn't be running Firefox as root.

Andrew, lead developer