1.9.2 - /usr/share/bleachbit/Unix.py:45: ImportWarning


I don't use gnome, or have gvfs installed, so what can be done about the message below for those not using Gnome or gvfs?

/usr/share/bleachbit/Unix.py:45: ImportWarning: Not importing directory '/usr/share/gnome': missing __init__.py
import gnome.vfs

What do you think about ignoring it? It's just a warning.

Andrew, lead developer

Well I did this in my buildscript to make up for it;

mkdir -p $PKG/usr/share/gnome
cat $PKG/usr/share/bleachbit/__init__.py > $PKG/usr/share/gnome/__init__.py

But it would be nice that this is not needed if you aren't using gnome or gvfs, if possible...

OK, I reopened this bug ticket

Andrew, lead developer

Sounds good thanks...

Is this something i can ignore? does it affect the function of deleting my files? will it compromise me? sorry im new to using bleachbit to erase my files but i want to be sure nobody can undelete my personal info files

You can safely ignore the ImportWarning about gnome. You will be not be compromised.

The worse thing that will happen is BleachBIt will not delete .desktop files that have unregistered mime types. They are broken because they will not open, but leaving these files is harmless.

There is already a fix in for BleachBit version 1.11 to address this warning.

Andrew, lead developer