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Hello. I have some things about the current version .9.6.

1. The winapp2 file in BleachBit (portable edition) seems to be different then the one at winapp2 site. The one in BleachBit is 436KB while the one at winapp2 is 430KB. If I replace it with the on at winapp2 it will update it back to the old one 436KB one. What is different between the one BleachBit has and the winapp2 uses?

2. I mentioned this via email to someone here, but I will post it here. BleachBit crashes when I try cleaning my games folder section. What I have in there is Battle.net, Bugsplat, Call of Juarez logs, Crysis 3, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Steam Big Picture Cache, Steam Browser Cache, Steam Games, Steam Installers, and Steam More. It happens even if I have only one of each selected or if I have them all. Can this be fixed in the next release?

3. Is there some kind of command line I can use to have BleachBit automatically shut off after cleaning? There are sometimes I let this run over night to wipe free space and all but I don't see any type of way I can have this auto shut off.

4. Does the wipe free space also wipe MFT free space on NTFS systems? I know CCleaner does and BleachBit is a lot alike, but I don't see an option for that either.

In the future please separate out questions as threads rather than putting them together. It makes them much easier to answer.

1. BleachBit's winapp2.ini is periodically downloaded from winapp2.ini without alteration. The last update was August 23. If you want to replace it yourself, uncheck the box "download winapp2.ini." The

2. Sorry, I haven't yet had time to look at the game crash ticket, but I will. Filing it in Launchpad (as you did) is a good place so it doesn't get lost.

3. Windows has a built-in command called shutdown. Add shutdown to a batch file after running BleachBit.

4. BleachBit makes a specific effort to wipe the metadata (such as file names) associated with previously deleted files designed to clean MFT. Keep in mind the best way to wipe a drive is to destroy it with a hammer or delete the file system, but if you are unwilling it do that, BleachBit's method is generally sufficient to delete previously deleted files---content and metadata.

Andrew, lead developer


Thank you for responding. Hopefully you can get the game issue to work because that is the number one issue I am currently having.

Does BleachBit rename files after deleting them like what CCleaner does during cleaning and during wiping?

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Yes: when the overwriting files option is enabled, BleachBit

  1. Wipes the contents
  2. Renames the file to a random, long name
  3. Renames the file to a random, short name
  4. Truncates the file
  5. Deletes the file

So if someone where to try to undelete it, he would find a empty file with a strange name.

Andrew, lead developer