Problem accessing / viewing the new 3.0 update! (Windows 10)


Hi, Andrew, posting here in the forums as requested by yourself via E-Mail...

I am having a problem with this program, I was using the 2.5 version which worked perfectly fine but I had upgraded to the new 3.0 version and now I am having some trouble with it, whenever I click on it to start, it asks for approval which I grant and then it starts but here's were the problem is, Nothing shows up at all on my screen!

According to task manager it's running perfectly fine but nothing pop up on my screen so I am unable to access the new version of bleachbits, I have restarted my laptop, I have tried some other options like starting it while in safe mode but still, nothing appears on my screen, all that's visible is Bleachbits via Task Manager taking up a hell of a lot of MB's via CPU which is annoying as it slows downloads and so on down.......

I am using Windows 10, 64 Bit, Laptop is Aspire ES-15 in case you'd like my laptops specs in more detail...

I'm using my laptop currently so I don't have another screen that I could connect my laptop up to so I apologise for not being able to have tested if it works on another monitor...


BleachBit version: 
Your operating system: 
Windows 10, 64 bit

I asked about dual monitors because a few users reported a problem related to dual monitors: BleachBit 3.0 starts fine, but when minimized on the second screen, it won't un-minimize. I plan to have this fixed within a week or so.

Do you know how to find and delete the configuration file %appdata%\bleachbit\bleachbit.ini ? If so, please do. It possibily might help. (Alternatively, you could move or rename this file.)

Andrew, lead developer

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Sorry for the late reply...

OKi I've tried both of your suggestions but it hasn't had any affect at all, the application still will not show up on my screen, even though it's clearly running and is draining resources via the task manager...

Well as I've said, I haven't tried using this app via another screen due to not having another screen to test it out on, so I'm just using my default laptops screen until I am able to get myself a decent PC again...

Sorry that it's not working. I will work on a fix, but until then you can downgrade to BleachBit version 2.2.

In BleachBit 3.0 you could try another thing for troubleshooting. It's not going to fix the issue, but it might have some interesting info. You could run c:\program files (x86)\bleachbit\bleachbit_console.exe instead of the normal bleachbit_console.exe. If it has some interesting info, you could post it here. One way to post a screenshot is to post it on a site such as and the post a link here.

Andrew, lead developer

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Hi Andrew, I tried c:\program files (x86)\bleachbit\bleachbit_console.exe but it just loads with a blank, black console command box. Nothing is added to it at all, here is a screenshot to show just that! (Totally safe link!)

And I will downgrade again now until it's fixed and no worries, there's always bound to be bugs and so on with new updates and software so it's totally fine...

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OKi I had decided to try again so I had have restarted my laptop and had then tried it again and after about a minute or so, it has started Bleachbits but it will only open if I enter the prompt via Windows Explorer (i.e. documents title!) - c:\program files (x86)\bleachbit\bleachbit_console.exe ..

Here is a new screenshot for you to show you as the first time I tried that, the command console opened and nothing else opened along side it, hence the first screenshot..

And thanks, I use Grabilla though for all screenshots as I find it easier and a little more convenient for capturing things on my screen..

Would you please test a new fix for this? It's build

I haven't merged it into the main brach, so for now it's only this build.

Andrew, lead developer

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Hi, OKi this version seems to work perfectly as it loaded up and popped up on my screen more or less straight away after opening it via Admin..

I'm unsure why your other version isn't working but hopefully this will help you to integrate it into the 3.0 version, if I can help, please just say as I'm currently studying app development so anything that I can do to help, I will try to help with, plus it'll give me some experience I suppose but if you don't need / want any, then no worries but had wanted to offer all the same! ^_^ ..

P.S. I use LINE, Telegram and VK if you'd like to chat live, (had just wanted to throw that out there) I can't always reply back here as I'm busy a lot but I use these apps via my phone, I reply back here via my laptop..

Anyway I hope you have a really nice day! I will try my best to donate to you when I am able to, sometime in the future as I really like your app and I find it useful so would like to contribute anyway that I can...

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OKi, two things have happened, one it was working well to begin with but then refused to re-start!

Secondly, the second I had went to install it again (it seemed to have uninstalled itself after using it, I hadn't clicked to delete Bleachbits!) my anti virus had stopped it from working, here is a screenshot of what it said:

So since then, I haven't installed it again, had wanted to ask about this instead..

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I see you do not like to respond back to people, well anyway, have you been able to fix this problem yet and to also remove any and all trojans? I'm still using 2.0 as suggested by yourself so would appreciate an update, if that's at all possible...

I'm also busy but regardless, I take the time to reply back to people and I had written my reply back to you three weeks ago so there's no excuse as clearly you check the forums and it's not like this forum is inundated with posts and so on...


You wrote about two issues

Issue #1
You sent a screenshot of bleachbit.exe being detected as PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic . Sometimes antivirus has false positives, and it seems to happen more often with BleachBit because of two reasons. First, it uses executable compression to make itself smaller. It's easy for antivirus to decompress it, so there's nothing to hide, but antivirus considers this a red flag. Second, BleachBit is written in Python, which is an interpreted language, so antivirus software seems to struggle to scan it.

Compared to the releases from, the final and beta releases have lower false positive rates from antivirus software because (1) I digitally sign them and (2) I submit them for whitelisting to some antivirus vendors.

Issue #2
BleachBit sometimes does not open. This could be related to your antivirus software blocking it. As long as you downloaded it from or, it should be safe. Consider temporarily disabling your antivirus software----at least for troubleshooting to rule out whether this is the issue.

Andrew, lead developer