Silently install updates?

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I am new to Bleachbit, so far I like the programm very much, good work!!

After some tests and trial runs on Windows 10, Bleachbit now runs and cleans automatically at start-up.

What I would like to add is an option to install updates automatically and silent. Is that possible and will my settings stay as they are after the update?

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Windows 10

I'm glad you like BleachBit. :)

The BleachBit EXE installer has command line switches to silently install the program. This is helpful for automations such as a company-wide installation. This does not automatically download the latest EXE installer.

There is another command line option --update-winapp2 to automatically update the Winapp2.ini cleaners data.

I think you mean automatic updates like Google Chrome and Firefox do, but BleachBit doesn't do this. I understand this would be convenient, but to be honest, it could dry up a primary source of revenue that funds BleachBit. Automatic updates doesn't hurt revenue for browsers because they get their revenue from ads on web searches.

Andrew, lead developer

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I do mean automatic updates like Chrome/Firefox. I have allready made up my mind how to easely update all machines I work with. I work with the portabel installation and as long as the format of bleachbit.ini does not change I will be OK and simply transer that file to my new installation.

The format of the configuration file bleachbit.ini has been compatible for a long time---maybe ten years.

Andrew, lead developer