BleachBit UI/UX suggestions

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I have some suggestions I would like to contribute to the forum. Some suggestions like the option to configure a dark and light mode of the UI in the context menus (easier on the eyes), making the columns in the left side viewing plane editable (stretching, moving), moving the scroll bar to a more appropriate and less awkward side (right side), and replacing the current position of the scroll bar with a movable divider. Are there any devs, open-source users willing to look into this? I know the program has not been updated ever since 02/28/2018 but it would be great to see in a future release! What are your suggestions? Do you agree/disagree?

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Windows 10

Dark mode sounds nice.

There is already work to re-do the GUI when moving it from GTK+ version 2 to version 3. This still needs more work. Once this is done will be a good time to look into usability improvements.

Andrew, lead developer

OK, here you go: BleachBit dark mode

Andrew, lead developer

Looks great, will take a look at it when I get a chance!