Silent Install doesn't seem to work

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I tried installing BleachBit silently and the exit code was 66660.

It didn't do anything.
I have a Window 10 machine and I was trying to check the installation of BleachBit 2.2. I couldn't see how to uninstall BleachBit so I cheated - I deleted the two executables. When I ran the BleachBit-2.2-setup-English.exe with /S the files were not refreshed. When I then ran the same program without the /S they were.

What am I doing wrong?

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Windows 10

I logged the bug in the bug tracking system as issue 535. For future reference, please feel free to report bugs there or comment on this bug there.

For troubleshooting, have you compared to the silent installer for the last version BleachBit 2.0? I am worried I broke something in the change between 2.0 and 2.2.

A contributor named Tobias has been working on extensive changes to the NSIS installer. Perhaps you could test his installer. It is under heavy development now, so maybe you want to wait for it to settle down. If this interests you, let me know, and I will help arrange it.

Andrew, lead developer