Using new cleaners with old bleachbits.


I currently use bleachbit version 1.15 on debian. I only use bleachbit from the cmdline, and never use the gui. So I ask, if I grab the latest cleaner definitions from github, are the compatible with older versions of bleachbit?

Normally I would keep my bleachbit upgraded to latest. However bleachbit-2.0 depends on policykit-1, which in turn depends upon systemd. But since I run on debian unstable with sysvinit, installing the latest bleachbit would force me to transition to systemd, which I have been avoiding....

So I ask, are the latest cleaners compatible with old versions of bleachbit? Thanks in advance.

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debian unstable w/sysvinit

Probably most BleachBit 2.0 cleaners are backwards compatible, but BleachBit 2.2 introduced multi-value variables, which are not backwards compatible.

The systemd dependency is interesting. It's not used anywhere except to elevate for root privileges using policykit, so you may not need it. Installing from source or even running from source may be a good option for you. It's fairly easy, and I highly recommend not using ancient versions.

Andrew, lead developer

For me, sticking to an old versions was only about problem avoidance. I do prefer to stay current whenever possible.

In the debian repos, bleachbit does depend upon policykit-1, and hence systemd. The debian repos also provide a source package for bleachbit, which again depends upon policykit-1, with no obvious switch to disable. So yes, we are basically being forced to install systemd to get bleachbit.

The Devuan repos do provide a bleachbit package that is sysvinit compatible. But they have replaced PolicyKit with Consolekit, a package that is now deprecated in Debian. And as you point out, these extra dependencies are only necessary for elevated root privileges.

But thankfully, your download page does provide an official bleachbit package for debian without policykit-1 or consolekit. So praise the Gods, I finally have a solution!

Thanks again :-)