Can the list of cleaners not be expanded?


The left of the main window features a list of cleaners and options. Is it possible to NOT have these expanded by default, please? No matter how I set them, they always show expanded on launch. This makes for a cluttered view.


Andrew is planning another major update after 2.0, which will update Python and GTK to 3.x (it's at 2.x now). This will allow us to do some GUI work to BleachBit. This suggestion is nice. There are some others we would like to do too, such as a select all option, so you don't have to select each section one at a time.

For now, just keep the "Hide irrelevant cleaners" option enabled, which will help reduce the amount of clutter on the screen.

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Thanks very much for your reply. I'm pleased to hear that upcoming GUI improvements will facilitate the use of what is, at it stands, a great cleaner.

The suggestion to keep "Hide irrelevant cleaners" is a good one for those who have overlooked it.

Thanks again for the reply and for the insight.