Thunderbird *.msf cleaners necessary?


Is there a reason that users often want to delete all of Thunderbird's msf index files for all accounts in the mail folders? AFAIK, it's generally not recommended to delete them unless something has malfunctioned (no point). Yes, you can delete them, but it's not part of normal computer file cleanup. I wondered why they're included in BB?

If still keep this item, maybe the description should be changed. 1st, the item name is just "Index" - that could be any index file in TB (a ton of files). State which index files; maybe that they don't normally need deleting. Most don't know what thunderbird *.msf files are anyway.


This is a security/privacy measure, as BleachBit isn't just about free disk space, either. It's a per-cautionary measure, plus it reduces Thunderbird's fingerprint.

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