Google Chrome - how to get bleachbit to remove the profile/person mode?


On second thought, I read on a Google forum that this might delete cache, passwords and bookmarks. I don't care about cache or passwords. Of course I care about bookmarks. Oh well, I'll figure something out.
How can you get Bleachbit to remove the profile/switch person mode from Google Chrome?
Example, to the left of the mimize button in windows for Google Chrome, there is a button that you press. The button in Google Chrome remembers your gmail email address. I have checked all of the Google Chrome options in Bleachbit, but the profile/switch person mode still shows the Google email address when pressing the button to the left of the minimize button on Google Chrome. Thanks for reading this info.

I have the following options checked in the windows version of Bleachbit in the Google Chrome section:
DOM Storage
Form history
Search engines

Have you tried this?

Article: "Sign out of Chrome or delete a synced account"

BleachBit version 1.7.7 does not support this, but it is a good idea, so I filed it for later

Andrew, lead developer