question about feature to wipe the swap and free memory


1) Does this feature completely overwrite the swap, or does it overwrite only the unused portion?

2) Am I correct in understanding that only the unused portion of RAM is overwritten?

Good questions.
Well? :)

Good questions

1) It completely overwrites the swap. The process is basically: swapoff, clean, mkswap, swapon

2) Yes, just the unused RAM.

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I actually would like to know a little more about BleachBit myself and have similar questions.

1. When cleaning (pushing the clean button, not the preview button) does it preview each entry while it's cleaning or does it do a quick preview and do a snapshot type, then clean out each entry?

2. What does BleachBit do if a file was created at the exact same time it was cleaning out a entry in the same directory, like temp files?

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The list created by the preview button are not reused by the delete button.

When in delete mode, BleachBit processes each cleaner and each option one option at a time. Here Firefox is an example of a "cleaner" and "cache" is an example of an option within the cleaner.

If a file is created just before BleachBit starts processing an option, then it is deleted. If it created just after, it is skipped. In the rare case BleachBit is part way through cleaning a directory that should be deleted, the scanned files will be deleted but the directory and the new files will remain.

For best results, applications should be closed while cleaning. BleachBit does an automatic check for many applications including Firefox and Google Chrome.

Andrew, lead developer