Command line problems


Hi Forum, this is my first post and I really hope in your help.
I need to execute some action using a batch file but when I launch it the black dos-style window shows the options for half second and then disappers.
I tried Administrator rights, disabling UAC etc without results.

This is the text of BAT file;
bleachbit_console.exe --list

Thanks for help me!

One option is first to run CMD.EXE to open the command prompt. Then run the same command from inside the command prompt. This prevents the window from disappearing.

Andrew, lead developer

Dear Andrew, I use Bleachbit Portable and launch the bat file from the same folder where bleachbit_console.exe is placed.
Please suggest me the right structure of the batch file because the following doesn't work:

bleachbit_console.exe --list

From a batch file you don't want to open another cmd.exe. Instead:

bleachbit_console.exe --list

Andrew, lead developer

Ok, I absolutely don't want waste your time but ...
Now I've the full list and another problem.
I tried to execute a simple command without success.
I tried:
bleachbit_console.exe --delete system.recycle_bin
but it is still full of files

Then I tried some options yo cleen Firefox History or Password with same results.
Only Firefox Cache seems to work.

Please help me and excuse me for boring you

Replace --delete with --clean .

Also, check the console for success message or any error messages. It may help to use the PAUSE command so the window does not disappear. Another option is running the same cleaners in the GUI (graphical interface) and check if there is any difference or error messages there (it should be the same).

Finally, do you use multiple Firefox profiles, portable Firefox, or have any other special configuration like this with Firefox?

Andrew, lead developer

By using --clean recycle bin now works.

Even using the GUI Firefox actions (all checked) don't work.
I use a standard Firefox installation, no multiprofile or portable version.

Thanks for support me

Is there any error message on the console or in the GUI? Is Firefox open? It must be closed.

Andrew, lead developer

No error report, with all option checked BleachBit says that all is ok and all is clean. Obviously my Firefox 29 is closed during the process.
When I reopn it all is still there, url, password and other.

Would you be willing me to see it myself using a remote support tool such as Skype, Chrome Remote Desktop, or TeamViewer? This would speed up the troubleshooting process. If so, we can schedule a time by email.

Andrew, lead developer

Unfortunately I can't use this kind of software due to a privacy problem.
I trust you and I have no problem to do it but I can not risk being fired.
Anyway I tried all types of solution without results.
DD says it's ok, Firefox is clean but it's not true. I used both Installer and portable versions on 16 computers, 2 of this with a fresh Windows installation.
At home I use Linux so I can't say nothing.

Only a big doubt about the localization. I'm working witn Italian versions of Win XP 32 and W7 32\64.
I'm not an expert, I think about som enviromental variable issue.

Thank you for your time.