Winapp2.ini issue with Piriform resolved

Recently Piriform asked me to remove the winapp2.ini importer from BleachBit.. I replied to Pirform and eventually worked things out. The winapp2.ini importer will stay.

Here's the email from Louise at Piriform:

From: Louise Kinane <>
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2013 09:58:22 +0000

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your response. We have investigated this further, and found that we were misinformed about the way that Bleachbit gathers its data. Our apologies, as long as the information is taken from and not our application or site, then you are not in breach of our EULA.

We do apologize for the misunderstanding.


If you do use BleachBit to import winapp2.ini files, keep in mind Louise's note about not importing data from CCleaner application. BleachBit's automated update system uses the version from the web site, which is allowed.

Thank you to Piriform for amicably resolving this issue. Thank you to the community for your support in the matter. And thank you to the volunteers who have contributed the winapp2.ini project that benefits BleachBit, CCleaner, and System Ninja.