CCleaner asks BleachBit to Remove Winapp2.ini Importer

I received an email from Piriform, makers of CCleaner, asking me to remove a feature from BleachBit that allows individual BleachBit users to use winapp2.ini files created by the community of users. I don't see how the terms of use apply, but I am checking into it.

Update (February 6): The winapp2.ini importer issue has been resolved.

From: Louise Kinane <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 11:06:55 +0000

Hi Andrew,

It has come to our attention that your software BleachBit includes a
feature which enables users to import CCleaner data into your program:

As this is against our terms of use, we kindly request that you remove
this feature.

Please confirm receipt of this email.

Louise Kinane

Customer Experience Manager | Head of UK Operations | Piriform
T: +44.203.574.XXXX | W:

Here is what others are saying:


Tell Piriform to stick it.

The winapp2 file is a community driven project that has had zero contributions from Piriform themselves. The format of the file uses pretty standard "ini" syntax, which technically belongs to Microsoft. They have absolutely no intellectual property rights to the file nor its implementation in BleachBit. They're simply trying to eliminate the competition through intimidation: something Piriform are well versed in.

Since they support the feature doesn't that mean that users could import your setup into their software as well?!? If that is the case then I think the most proper response will be you will only CONSIDER doing it once they follow their own advice.

The article linked in the email originally claimed that BleachBit could import the data included in CCleaner. The authors of the article have since corrected their mistake: BleachBit only imports winapp2.ini data.

Please inform Louise Kinane that the article she based her request on has been changed; the authors of the article were mistaken, and her complaint doesn't actually apply.