BleachBit 0.8.7

BleachBit 0.8.7 improves command line support, imports winapp2.ini-style files allowing immediately for 440 additional cleaners on Windows, adds an Estonian translation, and more.


June 14, 2011: BleachBit 0.8.8 has been released.

This lists the changes since version 0.8.6.

  • [Facebook logo] Be a fan of BleachBit on the new Facebook page.
  • Add command line option --preset which selects all the cleaners previously selected in the GUI.
  • When showing a warning about an option, show the name of the option which generated the warning.
  • Specific to Linux
    • Support Thunderbird on openSUSE 11.3 thanks to Manfred Schwarb (LP#668231)
    • Fix wrong button label when adding folders for overwrite disk space and for whitelist (pointed out by jtarin)
    • When cleaning localizations, show warning to point user to configuration
    • Packagers: BleachBit will try to use the built-in json module on Python 2.6+ instead of simplejson, which is still required on Python 2.5.
  • Specific to Windows
    • Import winapp2.ini files: the CCleaner community maintains winapp2.ini files with about 440 cleaner definitions. Just download a winapp2.ini file and place it in one of the BleachBit cleaner directories: read Documentation: Winapp2.ini for more details.
    • Internet Explorer: delete autocomplete passwords
    • Support registry keys in the HKCR (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT) hive

Known issues

When cleaning History in Google Chrome, the bookmark icons (favicons) will be deleted (#734380). This should be fixed in the next release, and until then, see forum for workaround.


  • Add Estonian thanks to olavi tohver and bushido.
  • Update Asturian thanks to Xuacu Saturio.
  • Update Brazilian Portuguese thanks to André Gondim and Eugênio F.
  • Update Chinese (Traditional) thanks to Pin-hsien Li.
  • Update Danish thanks to Ask Hjorth Larsen, Joe Hansen, and Jimmy Frydkær Dürr.
  • Update Dutch thanks to UndiFineD and rob.
  • Update Finnish thanks to Jiri Grönroos.
  • Update French thanks to Thibault Févry and Nicolas Delvaux.
  • Update German thanks to cmdrhenner, Samuel Mehrbrodt, Stefan, Georg Engelmann, and Jens Maucher.
  • Update Hebrew thanks to Yaron.
  • Update Hungarian thanks to Balázs Kisterenyei.
  • Update Indonesian thanks to Wiliams Andrian, Ramdhani Fathurrohman, Abdul Munif Hanafi, and Ivan S.M.
  • Update Italian thanks to Carml.
  • Update Japanese thanks to Toshiharu Kudoh.
  • Update Romanian thanks to Lucian Adrian Grijincu.
  • Update Russian thanks to Alexander 'FONTER' Zinin, Andrey Olykainen, and Wladimir Rossinski.
  • Update Spanish thanks to Fitoschido.
  • Update Turkish thanks to Burak Ilgicioglu.
  • Update Ukrainian thanks to Сергій Матрунчик (SkyMan).

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Installation packages are ready for Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, openSUSE, and Mandriva.

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In OpenSUSE 11.2:
Chromium Options: checked everything,except cleaning SEARCH-ENGINES

Even with the search-engines disabled,it wil clean/delete my Chromium.

(Google Chrome was disabled)

Very good program!!!
Grtzzz to the team.

I just checked Chromium 10 (10.0.634.0-1.fc14.i686) on Fedora 14 with BleachBit 0.8.7, and it works well. I even double checked the code. The file which contains search engines is called Web Data, but the Chromium form history is stored in the same file. Do you see Web Data once or twice in the BleachBit log? If you continue to have this problem, file a bug ticket by visiting help or the forum.

Andrew, lead developer

i just checked my scan-log (without deleting)...
(In OpenSUSE 11.2:dutch/ nl-be /or nl-nl)

Chromium Options: checked everything,except cleaning SEARCH-ENGINES
Google Chrome Options: checked everything,except cleaning SEARCH-ENGINES

I see 2 the BleachBit log:

Opschonen bestand ?B /home/marcvdm/.config/chromium/Default/Web Data
Optimaliseren ?B /home/marcvdm/.config/chromium/Default/Web Data

When i do...:

Chromium Options: checked everything,except cleaning SEARCH-ENGINES
Google Chrome Options: Disabled

I see the same 2 the BleachBit log:

Opschonen bestand ?B /home/marcvdm/.config/chromium/Default/Web Data
Optimaliseren ?B /home/marcvdm/.config/chromium/Default/Web Data

My Chromium version 7.0.528.0 (0)

I confirm this bug in Chromium 12. See bug #734380

Andrew, lead developer