BleachBit 0.8.6

BleachBit 0.8.6 fixes an issue in 0.8.5 for Google Chrome and Chromium:


January 22, 2011: BleachBit 0.8.7 has been released.

  • Now all the search engine changes are moved out of "History" to a separate option called "Search engines."
  • Default search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) will not be removed. If you cannot search Google using the Omnibox, see the instructions in the 0.8.5 release notes .
  • Now the usage statistics for the default search engines will be reset to zero (instead of deleting them).
  • Non-default search engines will be removed because the browser automatically, quietly adds them for many sites (such as CNN, Youtube, and many others) while you browse, so it creates a usage history. (Before you ever clean them, follow the instructions Manage Search Engines to see how many are listed.)
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