BleachBit 0.7.4 released

BleachBit 0.7.4 adds a self-cleaning privacy feature, cleans WordPad, fixes many bugs, adds a Low German translation, updates 25 other translations, and more.


June 4, 2010: BleachBit 0.8.0 has been released.


The following changes have been made since 0.7.3:

  • Add new privacy feature: click File - Shred Files and Quit. This removes all BleachBit settings as if you never ran BleachBit, so other people can't tell you have.
  • Use IEC binary prefixes (e.g., 1KiB=1000 bytes) instead of SI binary prefixes (e.g., 1kB=1024B) because EIC is the proper standard for disk space. For more information see see Wikipedia's Binary Prefix article and Ubuntu's unit policy.
  • Fix bug removing paths in preferences dialog.
  • Add translation contexts for more accurate translations.
  • Fix deleting files with non-ASCII names.
  • Specific to Linux
    • Add package for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04).
    • Fix GTK+ depreciation warnings.
    • Fix crash on Ubuntu (only seen on BleachBit as packaged in the Ubuntu repository).
    • Remove translations from RHEL 5.0 and CentOS 5.0 because their ancient gettext version 0.14 does not support translation contexts.
  • Specific to Windows
    • Shrink installer by about 500 KiB.
    • Clean WordPad.
    • Fix Access Denied errors seen on special file types such as certain MSIE temporary files.
    • Update included dependencies including SQLite.
    • Fix deleting registry keys with non-ASCII file names.


  • Add Low German thanks to Nils-Christoph Fiedler.
  • Update Arabic thanks to someone.
  • Update Brazilian Portuguese thanks to andbelo, André Gondim, PresuntoRJ, and Teylo Laundos Aguiar.
  • Update Bulgarian thanks to Svetoslav Stefanov.
  • Update Catalan thanks to BennyBeat, David Planella, and oriolsbd.
  • Update Chinese thanks to 英华 (wantinghard).
  • Update Czech thanks to Roman Horník.
  • Update Danish thanks to nanker.
  • Update Dutch thanks to Glennz nl and Peter Schelleman.
  • Update French thanks to Pierre Slamich.
  • Update Galician thanks to Marcos X.
  • Update German thanks to Aljosha Papsch and Jakob Kramer.
  • Update Hebrew thanks to Yaron.
  • Update Hungarian thanks to Krasznecz Zoltán and Moltenice80.
  • Update Indonesian thanks to Abdul Munif Hanafi.
  • Update Italian thanks to Sergio Zanchetta.
  • Update Japanese thanks to Toshiharu Kudoh and Yuki Kodama.
  • Update Korean thanks to Bundo.
  • Update Malay thanks to Ibrahim Elias.
  • Update Norwegian Bokmal thanks to Simen Heggestøyl.
  • Update Polish thanks to pp/bs.
  • Update Romanian thanks to Lucian Adrian Grijincu.
  • Update Russian thanks to Ilia Lilov aka lilovip.
  • Update Slovak thanks to milboy and Roman Horník.
  • Update Spanish thanks to Paco Molinero.
  • Update Turkish thanks to Ekrem Kocadere.

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Known issues

On some modern Linux systems Recent Documents cannot be wiped. This is fixed in BleachBit 0.8.0 beta.

Wiping memory and swap is currently experimental. It should always wipe 100% of the swap, but it may not wipe 100% of the physical memory. Before using this option, close all other running applications because they may be automatically killed by Linux.


Download BleachBit now. Installation packages are ready for 20 platforms including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Windows.

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