It looks like you have an impressive product. I would like to use it to see if it will work for my needs. As a newbie to the product and the forum, I noticed that the new version is 1.12. Isn't 1.8 or 1.6 higher incrementally than 1.12? Moreover, I want to make sure that I am downloading the right version (the newer one) before I install it.

Your help is very much appreciated, and thanks for your hard work.

Version 1.12 is the latest, stable version because 12 is greater than 6 or 8.

Versions 1.6 and 1.8 are obsolete.

I understand this is confusing, so in the future I will consider avoiding this kind of numbering scheme.

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Thanks for your post. Sorry that it took me so long to reply. I was evaluating the software on a couple of machines. I decided to leave it on my neighbors computer. I will continue to use it on my machine. The only thing that I do not like about it is that I can't set it to clean on start-up. In addition, most of my clients are not very tech savvy. Consequently, I do not want them messing around with this kind of software. We are moving away from Ccleaner because of the update website for the free version. We do not think the website is very secure.. However security is more important than convenience or speed. It looks pretty cool for my level of computer usage and beyond.

Thanks for your hard work.


Good suggestion. I filed the auto run on start up here:

I am curious as to what part of the CCleaner/Piriform website makes you think it is not secure? They are running under HTTPS.

Also, one thing to note with BleachBit is that it will automatically download and trim Winapp2, where as in CCleaner you need to do all that manually, which might be complicated for novice users.

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If you are running the free version, you no longer have the option of using there website for the download. Unless I am missing something, it transfers you over to I would be fine with or a trusted website like that. At least I have not seen complaints regarding there website. Things change so maybe I should research the net for complaints about their website as well. I noticed some issues myself with some downloads so I stopped visiting the website. At this point, I prefer, especially for security type of software--which could also be in the maintenance category in this case--to go to websites with sterling reputations. Frankly, at one time Download. com was one of those sites.

I tried using the Bleachbit on Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon. It was stuck at the end overnight. I forced the program to end the next morning. No issues on the Windows platform. Win 8.1 and Win 7 worked fine. However, for sure if you are going to add the capability of the program to run automatically then the cleaning that takes the longest time should be an option and not a requirement. Actually, I think that most light users would freak out over the time it takes. However, I do think that it is useful to be able to use that functionality after start-up and at your discretion.

P.S. I went to their website and you are correct. They download the initial free version from their website/servers. However, whenever I receive a message that a new version is available I do not have the option. Although the pages are similar there is not an option to use a different download service for the initial download not an option to use their servers on subsequent upgrades. Lastly and annoying it seems almost as though the upgrades are monthly.

Regarding BleachBit being slow on Linux Mint, here are two things to try.

First and foremost, uncheck the option System - Free Disk Space as this can take hours by itself, depending on how much free space there is.

Second, in the Preferences uncheck Overwrite files to hide contents, as this adds much time proportional to the size of the files being cleaned.

Andrew, lead developer