URL's persist after Bleachbit

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Hi everyone - this is my first post here.

Thanks for the cool piece of software, it's good to see just how much crap modern web developers grant themselves the liberty of dumping on my system without my permission.

I searched around for a few hours and couldn't find anything specific to this issue, apologies if it's been posted somewhere before.

Anyway - After I run Bleachbit and select all the options that seem appropriate (and a few extras) for a system running Firefox, It deletes all the obvious cookies and flash objects etc. Then I restart the browser and when I type something into the URL address bar I'm seeing recent addresses I've visited appearing before I type much in. On the first run of the browser before those sites had been visited the browser did not make any pre-emptive guesses to the sites I frequent.

Is it just the browsers pre-emptive addressing or could there be something that Bleachbit has missed ?

It seems like a bit of a leap to assume that the pre-emptive addressing could just guess the sites I've visited from as little as one letter being typed into the address bar and not come up with a list of other sites starting with that letter also. It pre-empts my local Ebay URL when I just type a single "w" for the www and it can guess several forums I've visited after I type www. and then the first letter of those forums. As I stated above the browser did not pre-emtively auto fill the URL's before those sites had been visited.


Hello. What version of BleachBit are you using? Can you please try and see if this occurs with that latest version 1.7.5 alpha which is available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/bleachbit/files/bleachbit/1.7.5alpha/

Please note this is a alpha version for testing purposes only and should be used with care.

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Elf-Hunter, are you using BleachBit 1.6 with the latest Firefox (version 37) on Windows?

Are all the URLs you see also bookmarked addresses? (BleachBit normally does not delete bookmarks.)

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Thanks for the quick replies.

Sorry I should have given you that info in my original post.

I running Mint 17.1 and I installed it from the repo's. I just checked the version - through a terminal it shows it as version 1.0 and synaptic is showing version 1.0-1. I didn't realise I was using an older version.
Terminal output is showing that I'm using Firefox 37.0.1 synaptic is showing it as Firefox 37.0.2.

It's new install of linux and I've been careful not to use both synaptic and apt, I've been sticking to just synaptic (in the hope of preventing version conflicts and similar issues) so I'm not sure why I have conflicting version numbers.

I don't use bookmarks, so I don't think that's what's going on Andrew.

& ROCKNROLLKID - that link took me to a page with the latest version as zip files and .exe files, would I be correct to assume they are windows versions ? There is a link to a deb package (1.5.2) on top of the page but that appears to be slightly older than the the windows files. Another download page on sourcefourge http://bleachbit.sourceforge.net/download/linux
took me to version 1.6 when I clicked on the link for Rebecca .
I'll give that a run and see how it goes.

I just installed version 1.6 and it's resolved the issue.

Thanks again for this sweet little piece of code. It should come as an included package out of the box on Linux ISO's


Elf-Hunter, I am glad it is resolved. :)

Please note that Ubuntu and Mint do not update BleachBit except with a new version of the Linux distribution (and they disable the automatic update notification), so you can stay up to date through the BleachBit web site.

Andrew, lead developer