An unimportant Linux version question


Hi. As a single user of Xubuntu, is it necessary for me to have both admin and user access? Am I correct to assume that all user options are available in the admin version?

Good question. It depends. :)

Linux has different ways to elevate to root (administrator) privileges. There are various tools (for example, kdesudo, gksudo sudo, and su-to-root) with various options, and they create one of two effects.

In some cases, they switch the user's account, so BleachBit cleans only the root's account (for example, root's web browser, which is probably never used): in this case, you do need to run BleachBit as a normal user as well as BleachBit as an administrator. In the other case, the user's account is not switched, so BleachBit cleans the non-privileged account, which is probably what you want.

To tell which is happening, launch BleachBit as Administrator, and then click on Help - System Information, and check the value of os.path.expanduser('~').

I will add this to the BleachBit FAQ

Andrew, lead developer

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Thanks for the info. The os.path.expanduser is: os.path.expanduser('~') = /root . I also found an interesting discussion here:

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