Turning off Shredder option


New to BleachBit and just investigating for our use. If our security group and legal have issues with the ability to shred files, is there any means to turn off that option or a version where this feature is disabled?

Thanks in advance.


The option to overwrite files as they are deleted is in the preferences (screenshot). By default is turned is off. This is a preference, not a policy, so anyone can change it at any time.

It sounds like you want the ability for users to delete files, but you want to make sure no one in your organization shreds files? Maybe you also want to make sure they don't overwrite the free space? Both of these have similar effects.

Andrew, lead developer

Yes, we'd like to eliminate the capability to shred files


During installation, there is a option to not install shred with BleachBit. You can uncheck that and you won't have shred abilities.

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The checkbox in the installer is for whether the right click in Windows Explorer (the file manager application) shows the option to shred a file or folder, and unchecking the option in the installer has no effect on the BleachBit application itself.

If the legal team has a problem with the functionality, it is possible to create a custom build without the capabilities.

Andrew, lead developer

Andrew, how difficult is it to create and maintain a custom build like that?

No one has asked to disable functionality before, but because turning something off is much easier than enabling or replacing functionality, I estimate it is not a big effort.

Andrew, lead developer