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What about allow user to create several(up to 10 or so?) tabs right below the "preview" and "delete" buttons and allow us to name each tab as perhaps "browsers" "media players" or "seldom used" etc etc and then place whatever cleaners we would like into each tab and then each tab has a checkbox on the right side so that we simply check each tab we want to clean at that point and then hit "preview" or "delete" to complete the job. This would allow us to clean say browsers more often if needed and also allow us to not have to sift thru seldom used or never used cleaners. Maybe the last column could be "unused cleaners" or something similar and then we drag to a different tab if we want to enable them?

i'm not a programmer so idk if this would be too difficult to manage.


The basic idea is grouping cleaners or allowing the user to define presets. This can be accomplished various ways, and another way is a drop-down menu. This may be more compact.

Don't expect this soon, but I will keep it in mind for the future.

Andrew, lead developer