Strange GUI Behavior After winapp2.ini Update


Actually, before AND after...

• • • BEFORE winapp2.ini Update • • •

Two confusing headers for Internet Explorer:

(1) Name: Internet
.....Checkbox: Internet Explorer

In addition to files-to-be-deleted, Preview shows that Internet | Internet Explorer wants to get into the Windows registry (!)

(2) Name: Internet Explorer
.....Checkbox: Cookies
.....Checkbox: Form history
.....Checkbox: History
.....Checkbox: Temporary files

These are pretty obvious, but the 'double-headers' for IE (i.e., "Internet" and "Internet Explorer") are confusing. At best.

• • • AFTER winapp2.ini Update • • •

Still two headers for IE. Which makes exactly ZERO sense to me.

In addition, randomly deleting registry keys seems like bad business. VERY bad.

IMO, regedit-via-BleachBit should probably be separated from file deletion. I would further suggest hiding it where no one can see it, much less 'check' it. Or simply taking it out altogether.

And Google Chrome? Don't ask me...

Chrome also gets two headers, and the one at top is a real doozy (I have a screenshot but I see no way to attach it here).

What is Google Chrome | ART ??? If you look it up, all you get are some pretty pictures. And the other two checkboxes under that header? (i.e., "Backup" and "Chrome Temps" ?) I can guess, but that's about it; none are explained anywhere I can find.

In addition to all that, BleachBit no longer remembers window size/position. That one really chaps my hide. I can uncheck the undocumented unknowns and the obvious time-bombs populating the various checklists in the GUI, but I cannot avoid this problem; it's literally in-your-face, every day, every time you open the program.

I like BleachBit, but this kind of behavior is pretty sketchy, and it erodes my confidence in the program. The inconvenience is bad enough, but one has to wonder what is really going on under the hood.

Lastly, I have no intention of moseying over to GitHub in search of 'answers' for any of this. I've already tried that, and it's utterly hopeless; it's not even clear where to ask. If I get them here, fine; if not, well, at least the program is free.

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