software requirements document


I am intrested in writing the software requirements document for BleachBit.
Would you be intrested or do you find it unnecessary?
With kind regards

You mean a specification for the behaviour---which includes use cases? It would be interesting, but I probably would not use it. If you are doing this for an academic project, I wouldn't mind assisting you by answering a few questions.

Andrew, lead developer

I would consider software requirements to include the operating system and (service pack or patch level) other requirements to install and run any particular version.

For example I'd found my way to this page in a search for whether any (and which one) version supports Windows 2000 /SP4. Perhaps this information is available "somewhere" but IMO, it is not prominently enough placed to be found. I realize that is an OLD operating system but with this type of software it is more often the case that the need is to clean up an old HDD volume before the system is repurposed.

Go to Documentation and click the first item for Installation. Microsoft Windows 2000 is not listed, but it may work---try it.

Andrew, lead developer