running bleachbit...get a lot of permission denied

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2 questions:I have 2 bleachbit icons under application>system tools>(bleachbit)&(bleachbit as administrator)....what are the difference between the two ?....second question,I ran bleacbit and got a lot of permission denied in (red)and at the bottom of the screen in red it said "errors 13130"
I have everything checked except:
Firefox (places)
&System (free disc space)

Thanks in advance,jp

Some options require extra permissions. If you do not have permissions, you will see an error such as "permission denied." Either uncheck the administrator options or use "BleachBit as Administrator."

In particular, these options require extra permissions:
* Localizations
* Yum
* Rotated logs

Depending on which Linux distribution you run, running as administrator (also called "root") will require you to type either your password or the root password.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks does help to read the directions ; )


To start BleachBit in most Linux distributions, click Start - Applications - System Tools - BleachBit.

If you see "permission denied" errors in Linux, try starting as root. One way is to click Start - Applications - System Tools - BleachBit as Administrator. Another way is to run:

sudo bleachbit

Depending on your system, sudo may be replaced with gksudo.