Reputation damage Bleachbit?


I've mentioned before, the rumours about Bleachbit ruin your system. Well, here's the proof:

This guy, called pjotr (who think he's a sort of a God on the Dutch Ubuntu forum) keeps on ranting about Bleachbit on the Dutch Ubuntu forum, the English Linux Mint forum, and many other forum's. This guy cannot be convinced that Bleachbit works safe as long you know what you're doing.

Maybe somebody else here who wanna try talk some sense in his short minded brains?
Good luck!

Ps.: since the day i started BB years ago, i never had any issue.


Are you referring to this part "With cleaning applications like BleachBit, you easily destroy more than you want. They're software wrecking balls that can damage your system beyond repair."

I think you are a little misunderstanding what he meant by it. He trying to say cleaners like BleachBit usually aren't a good idea. He wasn't directing it at BleachBit, just cleaners in general. He is somewhat right, though, that use cleaners CAN be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. However, if you do, there is nothing wrong with them. Just make sure you always backup your system.

Anyways, if he doesn't liek it, then that's ok, no one is forcing him to. There's no point bringing this here.

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There is not much substance in this guy's comments to make much of a response, though I addressed some of these issues back in 2008 when I wrote Myth: Linux doesn't need a register cleaner. People can get uptight about "registry," and by "registry" I do not mean a centralized registry like Windows. The point is there is stuff that can be cleaned.

I would like to hear how BleachBit can make things worse, but as I mentioned, there is not much substance.

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