Removes icons.....


Removes the icons in the Site panel Chromium, when corrected?

Here is a screen


What OS are you using?

What BleachBit version?

If you are a Windows user, are you using Winapp2, as well? You can check by going to preference, then see if the "Download and update cleaners from the community (winapp2)" is checked or not.

You might also want to try going through each of the Chromium cleaners one at a time and see which one is causing this to happen.

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Windows 10 x64 (switching to ReactOS in the future).

It looks like this issue:

I maybe can fix this for the next release, which I hope is soon.

Andrew, lead developer

The distribution Arch Linux. BleachBit version 1.12

Thank you

This was fixed today in Git commit 39a297914e5375488deb1f2818252282383d65a6

If you also use Windows, you can test it today at using build 1.17.550 or later

Andrew, lead developer