Recovering bleachbitted info


I am going to use rematersys to make backups for myself. I was advised to use bleachbit if I was going to make live DVD's to hand out to to others.....

I imagine that configurations such as all the IM settings for Emapthy and a score of other things will be wiped out if I do this. My question then is how to get those settings backed up?

I did see Ubuntu tweak --> Desktop recovery may do this.
The problem with that app is that I have no idea where the backup resides and does beachbit wipe this file? If so good in a way but then I have to back it up elsewhere.



Ensuring privacy for a LiveCD is tricky unless you delete (or exclude) the whole profile directory. BleachBit doesn't delete all private data from every possible application: it generally wipes most private data from the most popular applications.

Say you are /home/joe, so you would not want to include any files in that directory. I am not familiar with Live CD mastering tools, but perhaps you can setup a secondary account for the LiveCD such as /home/LiveCDUser.

Another option is to use a virtual machine (I like VirtualBox) to create a clean environment from which to build an image. "Clean" means you have never entered any private data, such as your own passwords, in this environment.

On the other hand, if these "others" are your family or close friends, perhaps don't worry too much.

Andrew, lead developer