Problem on BleachBit: LinuxMint13 Maya (Cinnamon 32bit)


Ok I just posted this problem on LinuxMint forums and didn't receive relevant answers. So I posted the problem here also, maybe you could help me also.

I have used BleachBit on other Linux distros like Zorin OS and Ubuntu and it does the job well. But in Linux Mint I'm really confuse even though I already clean stuffs on using BleachBit the history on chromium is still there. I even used the Root BleachBit but still the same thing happened history wasn't deleted I even tried to refresh the history window and still no luck, Any ideas how to fix it? Why the history is still there?


From the screenshot I am pretty sure you may be using an old version, so please upgrade to BleachBit version 0.9.3.

Andrew, lead developer