Not all Option in Bleachbit

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I just try to install bleachbit on my gentoo system. I have try a ebuild that i found in a special Overlay (zugaina).
I think to installation works ok. but when I started bleachbit, i don't have all the option available. for example, I don't see some menu like opera, kde, rhythmbox etc... and all these programmes are installed on my system. When i use the "hide irrelevant cleaner" option, I see only firefox, oppenoffice und rpmbuild menu.
At the End, i see the system menu.
I have not idea what could be wrong ?

It's likely on your system Opera, KDE, Rhythmbox are storing the user files in a directory that is unknown to BleachBit, so check the paths in the cleaner XML definitions.




These links are online for convenience, and you will find the same XML files on your system---probably in /usr/share/bleachbit/cleaners/

Andrew, lead developer