Nervous about Bleachbit, black screen and restart

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I recently installed Bleachbit in Ubuntu 12.04 and ran it sudo this morning with deep clean and wipe drive checked. It ran for some time then both monitors went black and seemed like my pc rebooted, I noticed them ran lights were off. When they came black them monitors are still black screens. Is this normal ? This has been at least 3 hours now. There is no responce from mouse of keyboard, no cursor. Do I continue to let it go of is there a problem ?

Taking a long time for deep scan and wiping free space is normal. Depending on how much free space you have, it can easily take hours. However, a black screen and non-responsiveness is not normal.

During the wiping free space, BleachBit creates a hidden temporary file that files the available free space. If you abort the process in any way (by closing BleachBit, terminating it, or rebooting the computer), the operating system should automatically delete the file without any harm.

It would be interesting to know if your hard drive usage indicator light is on and whether pressing the NUM LOCK key toggles the light.

Andrew, lead developer

I just hard reboot a couple times and get no responce at all,, boots to black screens. I didn't notice any change in there light when pressing num lock either.

By the way, Sorry about there double topic post, I'm trying todo this from my tablet.

Well this is lovely....hard reboot does nothing, I have no keyboard of mouse control and can't even boot into grub menu of safe mode. Any ideas of advise ?

Problem solved, apparently it not only wiped free space but also a memory stick :-/
Pull the bad stick out and all is well. Bleachbit has been permanatly removed from my system.

I've never heard of that kind of problem. You mean a removable storage USB disk? Did it have an NTFS or FAT32 partition? What do you mean exactly by "bad stick"? Was there a specific error message? Did you fix the "bad stick," and if so, how?

Andrew, lead developer

Memory stick? You mean the RAM ?

It was my RAM, DDR3 2g
I swapped them around till I found the bad stick and removed it, now running on just 1 stick.
I'm absolutely positive there were No problems with it before I ran Bleachbit.

That's interesting. On Linux, BleachBit does clean the RAM and swap memory, but all BleachBit does is allocate memory. This is what any program does to use the memory (like when you open any web page). BleachBit doesn't use any special system calls, for example, and you can see that in the source code.

Andrew, lead developer