I'm having serious problems logging into bleachbit.org


Chromium version 60.0.3112.78 (Developer Build) Built on Ubuntu, running on LinuxMint 18.2 (32-bit)

I have requested 4 one-time logins in the past half hour so I can change my password, and whatever I change my password to, it is never accepted.
I try 5 times, the password gets rejected 5 times and then I have to request a new one-time login again.

What is going on?

I also find the rules for creating passwords partially contradictory.

For the password, I'm told to:
- Make it at least 6 characters [I've done that each time]
- Add lowercase letters [I've done that each time]
- Add uppercase letters [I've done that each time]
- Add numbers [I've done that each time]
- Add punctuation

The punctuation part is the problem I think.
First I'm told to use punctuation, then I'm told that "Punctuation is not allowed except for periods, hyphens, apostrophes, and underscores."
That's partially contradictory.

The very first password I created when I first joined this forum a week ago contained a hyphen.
This password was accepted, even though it shouldn't have been according to the rules above.

I then changed the hyphen to an underscore and I was getting patchy results. Sometimes I was logged in, other times not.

I then created a password without any punctuation, but which met the other 4 criteria listed above, and that password was accepted, even though it shouldn't have been since it contained no punctuation.

I then created a new password that contained a hyphen as well as meeting the other 4 criteria.
That password was accepted as strong, but when I logged out and tried to log in again with that very same password it was rejected, so now I'm using a one-time log-in just so I can post this comment.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

The password policy you see is more of a suggestion than an actual policy. The meter tries to quantify the strength of your password and give you hints, but it will let you have a weak password. Because this password is just for a message forum and not for something like a bank, consider using a unique alpha-numeric password with a medium length.

As a test, I set a long password with numbers, mixed case, and an underscore, and I didn't have a problem getting back in.

Andrew, lead developer

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Thanks for your reply. I just tried to log in and it worked first time, so I have no idea what was going on yesterday. Maybe I was locked out (although I thought the one-time log-in was a way around that).

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