The directive to stop political statements seems to indicate that you must be Democrat and that you uphold the nefarious corruption of Hillary Clinton. Shameful...


Wrong. Actually I have also deleted several comments saying how people were stupid because they thought Hillary was a good person. I want it to all stop because it was getting out of hand.

This project is a FOSS project, meaning it's free, as in freedom, and open-source. If anything, this upholds freedom of speech louder then any words can.

I will only say it one more time, please stop with all this. If you want to make some comments about the video or about BleachBit, I have no problem with that.

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Yes, please no mudslinging. Thank you, Alex.

Andrew, lead developer

I agree. Hope the increased interest results in more contributors and users of the software!

I disabled my ads for this site and clicked on one for God Emperor Trump. Hope you enjoy the free dosh, Andrew.