Repeating the "free disk space" process will not work because the files are created in a folder with a randomly-generated name, so the files must be manually removed.

If I send you a command to run from the command line to find and delete these files, would you be able to use it?

By the way, BleachBit version 1.2 introduced several kinds of fixes to prevent this kind of situation, and one of the improvements is placing this folder in the cache directory, so it is easy to clean up in case the process is aborted.

Andrew, lead developer

Okay, actually, I am new to linux and did a lot of experiments with it, hence needed bleachbit to clean it up. I will probably reinstall linux. I do not know much about terminal commands.

Thanks anyways, and very good software by the way!!

Without using the command line, you can also try using your favorite file browser (such as Caja, Mate, Thunar, or Konqeueror). Make sure it is configured to show hidden files, open the user's home folder (/home/username), and look for a folder with weird names. Do not open the folder. Instead, delete it without moving it to the recycle bin (sometimes this is the SHIFT+DELETE keyboard shortcut).

If you reinstall Linux, you will need to reformat the partition.

In the future, please update BleachBit from this web site.

Andrew, lead developer

Okay, will try that. Thanks