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Hi all , I must say i have really enjoyed using the software. Its works really well and i have actually tried it on 2 separate laptops( one old and the other pretty new ) . However i have got two issues:

1 . how can i retrieve a finished report file.

2. On my old windows XP Home Edition laptop ( SP3), i got an ( Error: 1 ) in red . But the report did not specify what it was, and since i cant go back to the report after closing it , i still don't know what was the error.


I suppose I can answer your questions here. Andrew, the owner of BleachBit, seem to have gone quiet on us. Also for future reference, a topic like this belongs into the support section, not the Discussion section.

1. As far as I know, BleachBit doesn't save the whole report of each clean, but individual errors are saved in the BleachBit log file located either in C:/Program Files/BleachBit/BleachBit.exe.log or for 32bit version it is in C:/Program Files (x86)/BleachBit/BleachBit.exe.log.

2. Your error was most likely a locked system file that couldn't be deleted by BleachBit. There is nothing you can really do about this. Or you had an error of an open browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc which then BleachBit failed to clean because it was open. Remember to close all open browsers before cleaning. If you error isn't one of these 2, either check the FAQ or post back here and the owner will have a look at it.

Hope this helps you. Incase you are wondering, I am the one rewriting winapp2 for BleachBit so I do have some knowledge over BleachBit.

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Hiya . Thanks for the quick responds. However I still can not find the BleachBit.exe.log file, possibly because its an old version of the software. I am now going to update to version 1.0 and try again. I will feed back the outcome.

Handled errors are shown in red in the BleachBit program window, and you can view them by scrolling in the window. When you run another cleaning or preview operation, the error message disappears.

Unhandled errors on Windows are written to the disk as a log file as described by ROCKNROLLKID (thank you).

Also, ROCKNROLLKID gave a good description of the likely cause of the error. If you are not getting the error now, it's probably nothing to worry about.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks very much guys , really appreciate the quick responds and the support. After the second clean up, there was any error on the finish window as you said.