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Error in Execution Of
<bleachbit.Command.Function instance at 0x033EDF80>
can someone tell me what this error message means and what I need to do? I can't find a reference on the forum.

That is a partially generic error message. It is probably caused by one of the Google Chrome or maybe Firefox options. For troubleshooting purposes it would help if you would uncheck all boxes, enable one, run the cleaning, and repeat until you figure out which. If you could get me this information, it could help me fix it.

In the past this has happened when a new browser version comes up, and BleachBit is conservative about whether to clean it. To be safe, BleachBit will abort if the data structures seem unusual.

(P.S. I saw you posted this twice, so I deleted the other copy.)

Andrew, lead developer


I unchecked all the boxes and ran the program again as you requested. I had only the system - free space checked. This is what the result was. Can you explain this. Was the free space cleaned?

Overwrite free disk space C:\Users\ronda\AppData\Local\Temp 0
Overwrite free disk space Z:\ 0

Disk space recovered: 0
Files deleted: 0
Special operations: 2

Thanks for your help.