download file sig keys


I am looking for the key to use for verifying the sig file that signed this:


Also, something for this would be helpful, if possible:


Incidentally, is there a user profile section where I can change preferences in order get notifications of responses to the forum questions? Thanks.

Here is the BleachBit public key.

To verify the PAF, contact PortableApps.

You can get email notification of subscribed threads, but to get notified of new posts in the forum, you need to use RSS. Open each of the three forums (discussion, suggestions, support), and at the bottom is an RSS icon.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks, again, for the prompt help. Is that key on a keyserver too, Andrew? Did I overlook it here? Regarding the portable app, do you have control of that program too? I am not really familiar with how the process for it works, and maybe you can edify me?

It's been about four years since I setup that key, so I don't remember whether I sent it to a key server.

On this site I control a portable edition of BleachBit, and this is separate from the version packaged by that maintains the PortableApps system. So if you get it from this site, I control it, and if you get it from, they control it.

Andrew, lead developer