does this bleachbit detects the beta versions of google-chrome-unstable on linux ??


i think it looking for google-chrome-stable version, but it didnt recognised the unstalbe, Beta version on my linux machine.

Do you know where it stores files? BleachBit version 1.17 recognizes only ~/.config/google-chrome/. If it is elsewhere, you can edit or clone BleachBit's google_chrome.xml

Andrew, lead developer

inside google_chrome.xml , which lines are to change ?? can i use vim for replace "%s/google-chrome/googlel-chrome-unstable/g"

where is this file located ?google_chrome.xml , i can see its in google_chrome.xmlsource code, but after the installation where does this file resides ??

Location of file in typical installation: /usr/share/bleachbit/cleaners/google_chrome.xml

Which lines to change: all lines with /google-chrome/

If you want to support both stable and beta versions of Google Chrome
1. Copy google_chrome.xml to google_chrome_beta.xml in the same directory
2. Do a search and replace (using vim or sed or whatever) for /google-chrome/
3. Change id="google_chrome" to id="google_chrome_beta"
4. The LABEL tag on the next line
5. Save the file

Andrew, lead developer