Congrats for being mentioned on Fox news


Checked out the video that was linked on the home page. Even though they didn't say "Hey everyone, use BleachBit", but we might still get some curious people who might come check us out.

This morning my mom texted me she heard "BleachBit" on Fox News, and I was not sure what she meant until I found the video. She told me they would contact me to recover the data. :)

I do not know who the visitors are, but web site traffic was sharply up this morning (when it aired live on TV). It slowed down, and now it is picking back up again.

Andrew, lead developer

It's getting a lot of attention on Twitter now

Andrew, lead developer

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congrats ,hopefully it turns some $ for u. however, impress us and build something to put it back together and expose the ------- !

I joined this forum to make the suggestion of adding this line to the feature list:
- Delete your private files so completely that "even God can't read them" according to South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy and the IT team of at least one prominent senator.

I'm starting a privacy advocates company so needless to say I love you work and please keep it up.

centarix: Good idea. I added it to the features page

Andrew, lead developer

koda13: Thank you, but sorry: the cleaning process is not reversible. :)

Andrew, lead developer

Your product has been mentioned in a Washington Examiner article which has been linked to the Drudge Report. Expect to see an large increase in traffic to the site. You may also prepare yourself for some uninformed, technologically ignorant people coming to the site and saying bad things about you in connection with Hillary and her use of your product. Personally, congrats, and you've been added to my thumbdrive of tools, along with the likes of Wireshark and DBAN and Betternet among other.

USCITIZEN1010101 : Thank you! Yes, traffic is way up in spikes and waves since Thursday morning. I spoke with Sara at the Washington Examiner on the phone yesterday after her first article. I wonder if she will have more to write.

Andrew, lead developer

Well, Politics and the Zeitgeist are involved so it's up in the air. the Washington Examiner does a lot of "alt right" political articles. If a tech site such as Ars Technica or Endgadget should put up an article on it as well, catching the other side of the political spectrum, it could bring alot of attention to you. Some of it unwanted, such is the Internet. Either way though, I'm personally a tech that keeps up with security issues, and with the actions of the Worlds Governments, I respect a tool such as this especially with it being open source.

As a warning, I would suggest you look at Truecrypt and LavaBit as to what could be some of the unwanted attention. She thwarted the US Government using your tool, and you're not Apple or Google. I sincerely hope it is not the case for you, but from what I have observed in the past few years, it's only logical to be wary.

Having watched things unfold in recent years, such as trucrypt and lavabit and apples encryption, and cisco's hardware, I just want to give a friendly warning. ;)

As to Sarah doing a follow up article, I cant say, the cynical in me says it depends on the traffic/clicks but Drudge generates a lot of traffic and anything Hillary email related is going to be hot in this political season and comments from the creator of the tool should be prime reporting material. As such, be careful in your choice of words if more should come, such as the main stream media.


Truecrypt is dead. Use Veracrypt instead. It's based off Truecrypt but you know without all the vulnerabilities and much stronger encryptions.

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Hi RRKId. Right, I was commenting more on the sudden cease of work on Truecrypt and the thought that they were compromised with a National Security Letter. The same with Lavabit, they shut down rather than compromise all of their users.. In the wake of all this, you might want to consider a Canary page.